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The Premier Destination In Odessa, Texas For Post-Hospital Rehabilitation And Skilled Nursing

Our Services

Our “homeward bound” rapid recovery program is designed for our post-hospital guest. Our goal is to get them home quickly. For those guests needing a little extra care for a little longer, our long-term care program is the answer.  

Our Amenities

The amenities available to our guests at Madison Medical Resort are designed to offer extra comfort and enjoyment. These amenities include, but are not limited to, free Internet, free snacks, free cable television, and a nice place to hang out with family and friends.

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Luxury senior care

At Madison Medical Resort we focus on one goal - home. This is why we create an upscale, yet comfortable, environment that enhances our guests’ quality of life. We hold very high standards when it comes to hospitality. Whether our guest receives short-term care or becomes a long-term resident, we will move mountains to ensure they feel at home.

"Mother is receiving excellent rehab services and has already improved tremendously, perhaps doing better than before she fell because she is receiving intensive training on how to deal with her special ambulatory needs."

S. Blain | 2014

Our Mission

Our focus is on your recovery to get you to your ultimate goal – home. We base this goal on our company’s four tenets of care. These four tenets are found in the Foursquare Healthcare logo and the company name (Foursquare). The tulip is the traditional “get-well” flower and the “four squares” represent our foundational services – nursing, therapy, pharmacare and hospitality. To achieve the level of care and recovery you expect and we strive for, our facility provides the highest level of satisfaction, safety and health for guests, residents and their families. To further this goal, we’ve adopted nine tenets as the foundation of our “Code of Customer Service.”  These guidelines are proudly displayed at Madison Medical Resort.